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Chaiyo's Thai & Sushi 

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House Special


All entrées served with choice of meat


Vegetable, Tofu, Chicken or Pork Dinner price (10.95)                                                                                                                                             

     Shrimp or Beef  (11.95

Our scale is 0 star-5 star or Thai hot (9 star)

     No refunds on item ordered hot.                                                                                                       

Tangerine Chicken

Fried Chicken with Tangerines and Pineapples Home Made Sauce          Served with white rice (Chicken only $10.95)     

Pineapple Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir-fried with Egg, Curry Powder, Pineapples, Red bell peppers, Raisins, Cashew nuts

Basil Fried Rice

Jasmine rice stir-fried with Egg, Green Bell peppers, Red bell peppers and Basil leaves

Pad WoonSen

Clear noodles stir-fried with Egg, Red bell peppers, Onions, Scallions, Celeries, Tomatoes, Carrots and Black peppers

Kra Pao Gai

Ground chicken, red and green bell pepper, Thai basil and garlic basil sauce. Served with white rice (Chicken only) 10.95

Pad Khing

Stir fried with mushrooms, celery, onions, garlic, carrots, bell peppers & ginger. Served with white rice

Pad Prik Khaeng

Sauteed garlic, green beans, red bell peppers, lime leaves in red curry paste. Served with white rice

Pepper and Garlic

Stir fried with toasted garlic and black peppers served with steamed broccoli and carrots. Served with white rice

Larb Gai

Minced chicken blended, red onions, mint, scallions, cilantro, fish sauce and rice roasted scallions in a spicy chili pepper and lime juice sauce. Served with lettuce and white rice 11.95

Chu Chee Pla

Fried snapper topped with red bell peppers, scallions, lime leaves, carrots and tomatoes in red curry. Served with white rice 12.95

Massaman Curry

Potatoes carrots, onions in a rich Thai Massaman sauce and crunchy whole peanuts. Served with white rice 

Yellow Curry

Potatoes, Carrots, Onions with Authentic Thai Curry, served with Jasmine rice and white rice.

Yum Woon Sen

Silver Noodles, lean ground chicken, shrimp, scallions, red onions and cilantro in a spicy chili pepper, lime juice sauce. Served with lettuce 12.95

Yam Nam Sod

Ground chicken, chili pepper, ginger, red onions, fish sauce, peanuts and lime juice. Served with lettuce and white rice 11.95

Salmon Teriyaki

Grilled salmon topped with teriyaki sauce with broccoli, carrots, onions, and asparagus. Served with white rice 13.95

Extra Charge

Spicy Level

11-20* $2

21-30* $3

31-40* $4

41-50* $5

51-80* $7

81-100* $10


Vegetable Lunch $1, Dinner $2 

Chicken/pork/beef/tofu Lunch $1, Dinner $2

Shrimps Lunch $2, Dinner $3 

Peanut Sauce Lunch $1, Dinner $1

Noodles Lunch $1, Dinner $2 

Sriracha or Chili paste Lunch, Dinner $0.50